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"We settle things in Smash."

Group Photo

Welcome to Team Congo Bongo!

It's Friday night, and the chamber is full. Shouts, insults, shrieks, and boasts shake the ground beneath your feet, and the tension is thick enough to choke on. The pitter-patter of 10,000 mice echoes, and a faint smell of tacos hangs in the air. Suddenly, an explosion gathers everyone's attention. One revels; another hangs his head. This is a standard Team Congo Bongo tournament.

Alright, alright, enough with the overly-dramatic romanticism; let's get to the point. Well, we could do that, but…here it's kill or be killed, a true trial! Show your courage, your valor, your strength! This is the home of Team Congo Bongo, a group of basement-dwellers in…well, a basement. Here we prove our mettle, our wit, our cunning…and sometimes we eat tacos. Oh yeah, and we play Smash Bros.

Take a gander, weary traveler, on what Nyx has built. Here you can see what the Competitive Smash Bros. scene is like for the everyman, and you can discuss your opinions, convictions, and various theories and strategies about Smash Bros. in the forums.

All for one and one for all!